Boehner Visits CA on Heels of Drought

Boehner Visits CA on Heels of Drought

House Speaker John Boehner was in Fresno today, joining three Republican colleagues who are proposing emergency legislation aimed at drought relief.  Boehner said he's been working with them for a very long time on this issue.

He added that he doesn't understand why money is being spent to restock the fish population, but not on helping the farmers.

"How you can favor a fish over people is something people in my part of the world would never understand," said the Speaker, continuing, 

"I don't do it very often on specific bills but I've worked closely with congressman McCarthy and Congressman Nunes, and now Congressman Valadao on this water issue for the last 8-10 years."

If the bill becomes law, it would allow farmers to pump from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as water permits, temporarily halt restoration of the San Joaquin River, and form a House-Senate committee to tackle water troubles.


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