Neighborhood Legislature Reform Seeks to Expand

Neighborhood Legislature Reform Seeks to Expand

Saying California government isn't responsive to everyday people, a San Diego business man believes the answer is to add thousands of potential lawmakers. 

Lawyer, CPA, real estate mogul, and former Republican presidential candidate John H. Cox has a radical plan for state politics,

"Shrinking the districts to such a tiny size that campaigns will have to be door to door, person to person," said Cox.

He added that it would result in the election of about 12,000 representatives.  Cox says those people would then form local committees and elect a single senator or assemblyman to send to Sacramento.

"Still 120 people go to Sacramento, 80 Assemblymen and 40 Senators, just like today," Cox proposed.

He continued to say that the final passage of any law would be subject to a vote by all the electeds, most likely over the Internet.

For more information on his plan, go to neighborhoodlegislature.com


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